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Make memories, not plans.

Barcelona one of the greatest cultural capitals of the world. With the architectural genius of Gaudi scattered across town, its many museums, galleries and cultural events, its rich history and cosmopolitan feel, its fantastic food and the beach.

From moments that exude utter tranquility, to once-in-a-lifetime adventures that can’t be experienced anywhere else. Fuel your wanderlust by browsing our favorite experiences now.





For football lovers, we recommend our football experience. A football game at Camp Nou in an experience in itself. With Romslo Agency it is an exquisite experience with style.

Don't worry about looking for tickets for the best seats or getting to and from from the stadium. We will take care of everything for you to ensure a seamless and smooth experience so you can enjoy the game.

Tickets will be delivered directly to your hotel and on game day a private driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the stadium, and pick you up when the match is finished.



  • Exclusive private tour of Camp Nou stadium
  • Guaranteed tickets in all categories 
  • Unique seating for groups
  • Private transportation to and from stadium


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We know the best dining spots in town, from the culinary award-winners to the hidden gems and local favorites. Tell us your preferences and we'll take care of the recommendations and reservations.

Our network of restaurants provides every type of cuisine you might be interested in from traditional Spanish or Catalan cuisine to the cutting edge molecular cuisine creations to tingle your taste buds.



  • Help with selection of the right restaurant for your needs
  • Planning and reservation assistance
  • Private car service to and from the restaurant


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The city of Barcelona buzzing with activity every day, however, picking the right venue without local knowledge is not an easy task. We will support, guide you and ensure seamless access to the best events and venues in Barcelona.

We’ve partnered with the best venues from 5 star venues such as The Serras, GUZZO and Picnic Restaurant. Our objective is to create unique experiences with a grand, elegant and fun audience.

Our events are covered by a photographers so you can focus on the experience as we capture every moment for you to reminisce later.



  • Access to the best venues
  • Events with live music and DJs
  • Professional photographer to capture the moment




One of Barcelona’s best features is its situation on the Mediterranean coast. Barcelona from the sea or the sky is an unforgettable experience.

The rich palette of Mediterranean colours, foods, traditions, sounds and history comes to life in no better fashion than when experienced as a guest on your own private yacht charter.

Whatever your desire we will help you plan and make all the arrangements so you can experience Barcelona’s shore and skyline in style.



  • Help with identifying the right excursion for your needs
  • Access to a list of our preferred providers
  • Assistance with ordering and planning your activities




A photo is worth a thousand words. Romslo Agency will make yours photos priceless.

We offer photography sessions by professional photographers in the most picturesque locations in and around Barcelona. Photographers and videographers are also available to cover your Barcelona experiences so you have stunning photos and videos to look back on.



  • Expert photography session
  • Custom video session
  • Corporate photo shoot


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Barcelona has one of the best public transportation systems in the world. However, if you are looking for a seamless VIP experience or require a car, we can help.

Whether you’re wanting an evening out or a full day of adventure, just let us know where you want to go and we’ll get you there. The world is your valet.



  • Private car, pick up and return to the airport
  • Chauffeur service during your entire stay
  • Advice and booking support for rental car service




Looking to have for a luxurious hotel experience, but not sure where to go? Romslo Agency has developed close relationships and partnered with the most exclusive and luxurious hotels in Barcelona.

What makes these hotels different is the ecosystem of services they offer that allows customers to experience the best of Barcelona. Of course, each hotel has a unique story and offering, but don’t worry, we work with you to identify the right hotel based on your needs.



  • Personalized hotel recommendations
  • Help with planning additional activities during your stay
  • Access to exclusive events at your hotel